Gabriel Haller, PhD

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery

Principal Investigator

Gabe spends his time out of the office with his two kids and wife. On weekends he spends time with his family by playing in their backyard, going to the Missouri Botanical Garden, and binge watching PJ Masks.

I am very interested in understanding the genetic basis of neurological conditions. Everything the lab does has that modus operandi. We use human genetics to find genes and variants that alter disease risk, determine the effect of genetic variants in disease genes using high-throughput assays and understand the role of disease genes by modeling mutations in animal models.

Jackson Wilborn

Research Assistant

Jackson is interested in modeling neurological conditions in zebrafish due to their ability to be a high-throughput animal model with many benefits.

Outside of lab, he likes to go to museums, read, and play with his pet rabbit.

Geng Wang

DBBS PhD Student (MGG)

Geng is working on developing an in vivo reporter platform that can be used to detect a wide array of genetic information such as mutations, expressions, and chromatin conformations.

When not in lab, Geng enjoys cooking, doing DIY projects, and playing games.

Tim Kuensting

Clinical Research Coordinator

Tim loves the hands-on aspect of being a clinical research coordinator, and the fact that I have a part to play in all aspects of what we are studying in the lab.

When Tim isn’t in the clinic or lab, he likes to backpack and train his dog Basil (as seen to your left).

Brianna Vo

WashU Undergraduate

Brianna is working on knockout and rescue projects of various genes in cell culture. She is fascinated by how the various components of transfer vectors’ impact their overall applications.

She enjoys playing games and watching TV, but also takes time to “photosynthesize” by talking walks when the sun is out.

Alexa Clare Anderson

WashU Undergraduate

Alexa enjoys studying neurological disorders such as Chiari malformations and muscular dystrophy after spending a lot of time volunteering with patients afflicted by them.

Alexa enjoys running in cross country meets as well as trying out restaurants in the Loop with her friends.

Former Members

  • Deborah Moeller (2019-2021): Debbie returned to McDonnell Genome Institute as a Research Lab Manager.
  • Payton Miner (2019 Intern): Payton returned to Northwestern University
  • Okey Obidike (2020-2021): Okey is now a Medical Student at UVA
  • Amin Munshi (2019-2021): Amin graduated from WashU and is applying for Medical School