Gabriel Haller, PhD

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery

Principal Investigator

The Haller lab is interested in understanding the genetic basis of neurological conditions. We use human genetics to find genes and variants that alter disease risk, determine the effect of genetic variants in disease genes using high-throughput assays and understand the role of disease genes by modeling mutations in animal models.

Cece Klimek

Research Assistant

Geng Wang

DBBS PhD Student (MGG)

Geng is working on developing an in vivo reporter platform that can be used to detect a wide array of genetic information such as mutations, expressions, and chromatin conformations.

When not in lab, Geng enjoys cooking, doing DIY projects, and playing games.

Hilda Mata

Clinical Research Coordinator

Amanda Yu

WashU Undergraduate

Alan Shi

WashU Undergraduate

Ricky Wang

WashU Undergraduate

Former Members

  • Deborah Moeller (2019-2021)
  • Jackson Wilborn (2019-2022), Research Assistant
  • Payton Miner (2019), Summer Student
  • Okey Obidike (2020-2021), Research Assistant
  • Amin Munshi (2019-2021), WashU Undergraduate
  • Brianna Vo (2019-2023), WashU Undergraduate
  • Alexa Clare Anderson (2020-2023), WashU Undergraduate