Research and Policy Briefs

Constructing a Global Framework for Analysis of Social Exclusion From and Within Learning Systems

Funding from: ESRC-DFID: Raising Learning Outcomes Call 2013-14

The overarching goal is to develop an innovative framework for analysis of the processes that lead to social exclusion, inequality in learning and thus hinder quality of education. Under this call, funding is being sought for the preparatory phase of this research. This first phase will allow us to carry out the scoping studies that will lay the foundation for the analysis framework as well as construct the conceptual framework combining theory and methods that will be tested in successive phases. It will also ensure that the impetus is created for involving all the potential users of this research including policy makers, NGOs and academic partners.

How is social exclusion addressed in Lower and Middle Income countries?

Understanding the challenges of inclusive education of children with disabilities in the regions of Sous-Massa (Morocco)

Funding from UNICEF (Morocco), Field Research in collaboration with Handicap International.

The main objective of this research is to identify the main barriers – and facilitators – for the education of children with disabilities, with particular emphasis on the transition from primary to secondary in the mainstream. This study, conducted in over 700 primary and 180 secondary schools, seeks to identify the levers for the education of children with disabilities, focusing particularly on factors that impact the quality of education and lead to dropping out.

‘Delivering’ education; maintaining equality. The case of children with disabilities in Afghanistan from the Cambridge Journal of Education by Trani et al, 2012

Reviewing the evidence in social exclusion and education
In partnership with EPPI-Centre, Institute of Education, UCL

The aims of the living review are to identify the studies that address the process of social exclusion within education; to comprehend how social exclusion processes are viewed within education in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs); to identify knowledge gaps that exist in evaluation of social exclusion in education in LMICs.
Reviewing the evidence in social exclusion and education, EPPI-Centre, Bakhshi 2013


Examining educational data for Persons with Disabilities in New Delhi, India

Education and disability in a conflict affected context: Are children with disabilities less likely to learn and be protected in Darfur?

Disability, Poverty and Schooling in Post Civil War in Sierra Leone

How is social exclusion addressed within education systems in low and middle income countries?

Examining Educational Data for Persons with Disabilities (New Delhi, India)