Rahim Azami

M. Rahim Azami is an Afghan public health professional with post-graduation in development policies and practices. He is currently working with Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) in Afghanistan as National Program Manager, Health and Nutrition. 

Working in international development, his research and evaluation career spans the not-for-profit and academic sectors. He has led, and contributed to, research and evaluation projects across Afghanistan over the last 8 years. He is a professional in the fields of Project Design and Development, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research having more than 8 years of experience and exposure large scale development programs.

Rahim Azami has worked with Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit on research and advocacy for women’s economic empowerment. He has led and completed multiple research and evaluations for Aga Khan Foundation on maternal and child health, public nutrition, and food security. Also, he is taken part to the design and development of large-scale programs in health and nutrition for Aga Khan Foundation.

Through working with 30 country units of Aga Khan Development Network across the globe, and joining many international workshops, seminars, and conferences, Rahim Azami is connected to various platforms and many professionals and experts in different areas of expertise in many parts of the world.