kharatin oil

kharatin oil, It’s benefits and uses

kharatin (Eisenia Fetida Earth worm ) oil is one of the most natural oils used to increase the volume and size of the body parts. For example, women use this oil to increase the size of their breasts, cheeks, buttocks and eliminate the odor line, as well as men to increase the size of their penis.
It is interesting to know that the properties of kharatin oil for the body have been proven through some scientific findings .Here , We want to give you some interesting information about this oil, It’s benefits and uses.

What is kharatin oil?

kharatin oil is obtained from a type of earth worm called “Eisenia fetida”. This worm has a substance called “antinein” in its body that can increase the size and volume of man’s body parts.
It is also interesting to know that from 30 amino acid types known in the world, about 18 % are in the body of eisenia fetida worm, and that makes it a miracle oil !

Moreover, This oil contains Allantin , protein, collagen, omega 3, 6 and 9 and vitamin E . Therefore ,It has lots of significant properties.

How does kharatin oil works ?

kharatin oil is absorbed by the body through massage. When the oil is absorbed, it makes blood circulation increase by about 1.75 times in that area of the body.
Since blood circulation is the main factor in increasing the size and volume of our body parts, this oil can have a significant effect on muscle volume of some body parts such as breast or lips.

Benefits of kharatin oil

1-It increases the size and volume of body parts
kharatin oil can increase the volume of lips, cheeks, breasts and Butt in both men and women. In addition, it is very effective in male penis enlargement.
2- It Cures eye dimples
kharatin oil can cure eye dimples. To do this, it is enough to massage under your eyes with a few drops of this miracle oil daily.
3- Hair Volume Increase
kharatin oil promotes hair growth and increase it’s volume.For this aim, massage your scalp for 15 minutes with a few drops of kharatin oil. This increases blood circulation of the scalp, which will eventually strengthen the hair and hair roots.

4-It eliminates laughing lines and face wrinkles
Today, kharatin oil is one the main ingredients used in high quality wrinkle creams. This oil makes the skin clear and shiny and makes the skin soft and smooth.
It is enough to wash your face well and dry it . Then massage laughing lines with your fingers for about 1 minute to warm it up . You can also use a hot towel to do that.
Now pour a few drops of the oil on laughing lines and massage your face in a circular motion for 5 minutes. Do it at least once a day for two weeks to get the best results.
5-It promotes gain muscle mass in athletes
kharatin oil is the best organic and natural supplement to increase muscle mass in athletes. Instead of using chemical supplements and drugs to shape your body. You can use this natural oil and wonder it’s amazing results.

6-It eliminates acne and pimples
According to a recent experiment ,done at PENN University in Pennsylvania, kharatin oil can color the skin’s melanin by the T4 spectrum, due to their wide range of amino acid .So pimples will be adjusted skin color as much as possible .Then They will gradually disappear.

7- It disappears pregnancy stretch marks
After pregnancy, Some long and narrow lines develop on the skin which is unpleasant . kharatin oil can disappear them. Massage that area for 5 minutes with the oil daily .Do it for 40 days after recovery period .It takes about 25-55 days to disappear pregnancy stretch marks.
8-Penis enlargement
kharatin oil is a safe and affordable way to enlarge men’s penis .It makes penis large about 2 – 5 cm in a period of 45 days.

How to use kharatin oil

1-Clean the area before apply the oil , So it can be completely spread on the skin.
2-Before apply oil, massage the area gently to increase blood circulation .
3-Pour 3-5 drops of oil on the skin of the area and massage it slowly and gently.
4-Do it every 24hours, preferably at night before going to bed.
5-Drink enough water during the period of consumption.
6- To gain the desired effect, kharatin oil should be remain on the skin for 8 hours.
Does kharatin have any side effects?
It has been scientifically proven that natural products which don’t contains chemicals, doesn’t have any side effects if they don’t enter the blood or stomach of human body .For that reason, kharatin oil wouldn’t have any side effects if it is only applied on the body.

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