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Create a new website in three easy steps! Simply review whether WashU Sites is right for you, request your website and then add your content.

Step 1

Is WashU Sites for you?

Not every site is ideal for WashU Sites.
Your school or unit may offer a similar tool or resource that might better serve your needs. Before you get started with WashU Sites, we encourage you to see what website design and development resources are available through your department’s communication team.

WashU Sites cannot secure sensitive information.
WashU Sites cannot be used to publish or collect sensitive or protected information, including information subject to HIPAA and FERPA restrictions, clinical or clinical research communications, e-commerce and payment information, or other confidential information.

Websites in WashU Sites are governed by our usage policy.
WashU Sites is a service provided to you by the university, and the university reserves the right to remove or edit any content published through WashU Sites. View the WashU Sites usage policy.

The WashU brand elements are part of the theme.
WashU Sites websites (this one included) are built on the WashU Web theme, which will give your website its look, feel and functionality. To evaluate whether its features are right for you, visit our WashU Web theme site.


Request a site

Complete the request form to create your site. (You may be asked to log in using your WUSTL key.) After you submit your request, your site will be created for you almost instantly. You'll receive an email letting you know it's ready, then simply log in and begin adding your content.

Get a Site

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Step 3

Make it your own

Once your new site is set up, it's time to share your story by writing your message, adding photos and customizing features. We've created guides and tutorials on our Web theme site to help you make the most of your website.

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