Since 1998 I have served on the Board of Directors of Nepal SEEDS, a small, efficient, non-profit organization that helps people improve their health and welfare by supporting grassroots projects. Many of the projects are located in Nubri and Tsum, highland valleys in Nepal where I’ve been conducting research since 1995. I am grateful to KP Kafle, executive director of Nepal SEEDS, for providing me with this unique opportunity to give something tangible to people who have so generously accepted me into their communities and patiently suffered through all the impertinent questions that epitomize ethnographic research. Nepal SEEDS has had a positive impact in the region by improving local schools and supporting the indigenous healthcare system.

Sri Gaurishankar Boarding School, Sama Village

Participants at the Nepal SEEDS 2010 Women’s Health Training Program

A whimsical video of the Sri Guarishankar Boarding School