Curriculum Renewal Update: Clinical Skills

Phase 1 of the Gateway Curriculum offers the opportunity for students to learn the foundations of medicine in an integrated fashion. With the September launch taking shape, the clinical skills curriculum embodies integration and innovation.  With the amount of medical content doubling every few years, it’s hard to keep up with advances in medicine.  Thanks […]

Curriculum Renewal Update: Gateway Coaching Program

As the Gateway Curriculum is prepared to launch with its inaugural class this coming September, we are thrilled to provide an update on the Gateway Coaching Program. The program will be replacing the traditional academic advising model and will be a truly unique approach to supporting our learners through their medical education journey. This program […]

Curriculum Renewal Update: Student Assessment

Curriculum Renewal Update:  Student Assessment
To this point, we have updated you on the progress of how content will be organized and delivered in the Gateway Curriculum. In this installment, we wanted to provide you with a brief overview of how students will be assessed. To support the competency-based curriculum, we are developing a competency-based program of assessment. What does […]

Curriculum Renewal Update: Community Engagement

Health equity is an elusive and still urgent goal in the modern practice of medicine. Health is determined by where we live, work, learn, and recreate. Effective healthcare requires an active understanding of these determinants of health and the ability to navigate the complexity of healthcare systems to deliver that care.  The new Gateway curriculum […]

Curriculum Renewal Update: Phase I Content Build

The Gateway Curriculum design team has entered into the building stage for Phase I content. Led by Sabrina Nuñez, PhD, Assistant Dean for Curriculum and the Basic Sciences, each team will collaborate in the design, build, and implementation of the educational content for their specific module/immersion. Teams are currently meeting to present draft module schedules […]

Curriculum Renewal Update: Explore

When the Gateway Curriculum launches in July 2020, our students will have the opportunity to participate in an exciting new career development curriculum—Explore. Explore will provide our students with longitudinal and immersive experiences in four academic career pathways: research, education, advocacy and innovation. Building on the outstanding opportunities that already exist for our students, the […]

Keystone: The New Teaching & Learning Platform for the Gateway Curriculum

Keystone: The New Teaching & Learning Platform for the Gateway Curriculum
The Gateway Curriculum requires a digital teaching and learning platform designed for Competency-Based Medical Education (CMBE). CBME is built on a foundation of formative and summative assessments of learning, with transparent use of aggregated assessment data to make progression and competency attainment decisions for all students. The Elentra Teaching and Learning Platform began at Queen’s […]

Call for Capstone Course Directors

A call for Capstone Course Directors recently went out to a broad audience via e-mail. We are seeking four (4) faculty members—one each from Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, and Obstetrics & Gynecology—to collaboratively direct a multidisciplinary Capstone Course for a first offering in February 2020. Each co-director will receive 0.10 FTE support for their efforts. […]

Update on the Curriculum Renewal Process

In the June edition of the EdUpdate we detailed the overall architecture of the Gateway Curriculum that has been developed over the last 16 months through the hard work and expertise of many members of the education community at Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM). We are proud of the product thus far and tremendously […]

Phase 1 Faculty Design Teams

June has been a busy month for curriculum renewal. As previously announced, faculty were selected as Phase 1 integrated curriculum designers. And now, the four faculty design teams have begun their work: Basic-Clinical Science Integration Clinical Skills/Immersions Assessment Community Engagement/Social and Health Systems Sciences Visit the Teams page for an updated list of Charges, Team Leaders, and Members […]