Curriculum Renewal Update: Module 5

Welcome to Module 5: Metabolism and Reproduction! This module is six weeks long and is made up of three inter-related topic areas: Metabolism and nutrition. This includes a discussion of what you need to eat to maintain a healthy body and how this material is biochemically converted into the chemical energy you need to live. […]

Curriculum Renewal Update: Module 4

Welcome to Module 4: Ins and Outs! This module will explore both intake and output from the human body. These topics have important ramifications on everyday lives, patients, communities, and societies – and this module is aimed to instill an appreciation of how these seemingly mundane human processes can profoundly impact so many aspects of […]

Gateway Coaching Program Seeking Clinical Faculty to Apply

The Offices of Student Affairs, in partnership with the Office of Medical Student Education, is seeking interested clinical faculty for Coaching positions as part of the Gateway Coaching Program beginning in August, 2021. The goal of the Coaching Program is to form a longitudinal relationship between a faculty coach and student in a safe environment […]

The Transition to Competency

For students accustomed to the traditional rhythm of courses that conclude with a final grade, the transition to competency-based medical education (CBME) and assessment can be confusing. In the historical framework, students learned knowledge or skills specific to a course, were tested on those knowledge and skills, and the decision about whether or not a […]

Seeking Applicants for Gateway Coaching Program

We are seeking interested clinical faculty for positions as faculty coaches as part of the Gateway Coaching Program beginning in 2021. This will be the second cohort of coaches in the second year of the program. The mission of the Gateway Coaching Program is to form longitudinal relationships between faculty coaches and students in a […]

Curriculum Renewal Update: Module 3

Module 3 provides an overview of the systems of perfusion (delivery of blood to tissues) and gas transport and exchange. Throughout the module, knowledge of typical organ structure and function will lay the foundation for discussions of health and disease in these systems, while integrating core concepts of patients, physicians, societies, and systems. Afternoon sessions […]

Curriculum Renewal Update: Phase 2

The Phase 2 Design/Build Team had its first meeting on Wednesday, November 18, 2020.  Phase 2 of the Gateway Curriculum: Gateway to Clinical Medicine, will be 12 months in length and will consist of 8-week Clinical Clerkships in the traditional six areas: Internal Medicine, Neurology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Surgery.  Schematic found here. […]

Curriculum Renewal Update

  The Gateway Curriculum is in full swing, with students completing Module 1 on October 30, 2020. Molecules to Society focused on an introduction to the perspectives of health, illness, sickness, and disease, highlighting applications across the bio-societal spectrum. Through a focus on health, students learned about the structure and function of the body, the healthcare […]

A Message to the Entering Class of 2020

Dear Entering Class of 2020, A sincere and heartfelt welcome to WashU and to Saint Louis! We are so pleased each of you are here and are joining the Washington University School of Medicine community amidst these challenging times. You are now part of one of the finest medical learning communities in the nation. We are honored that […]

Call for Gateway Curriculum Facilitators

The Gateway Curriculum is searching for individuals to act as facilitators for several elements of the new curriculum. Selected faculty, fellows and residents will lead a variety of discussions and interactions with students, in collaboration with the module director. Please note you do not need to be a content expert and that some training is required. To […]

Gateway Phase 2 Curriculum Kick Off

On July 18, 2020, the Gateway Curriculum renewal process took another important step forward by holding the first Phase 2 retreat.  Phase 2, Gateway to Clinical Medicine, will be 12 months in duration and will contain the six, core clinical clerkships (Internal Medicine, Neurology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Surgery), each 8 weeks in […]

Curriculum Renewal Update: Program Evaluation

In previous installments, we have shared much about the Gateway curriculum including information about the organization of the curriculum, the coaching program, approach to student assessment and how students will learn clinical skills. Next we want to give you an overview about how we will address evaluation of our Gateway curriculum (program evaluation) and the […]