Gateway Coaching Program Seeking Clinical Faculty to Apply

The Offices of Student Affairs, in partnership with the Office of Medical Student Education, is seeking interested clinical faculty for Coaching positions as part of the Gateway Coaching Program beginning in August, 2021.

The goal of the Coaching Program is to form a longitudinal relationship between a faculty coach and student in a safe environment that will support students in their personal and professional development, so they may achieve their highest potential and be their most authentic selves. Specifically, Coaches will be charged with understanding students’ unique professional journey and facilitating individualized strategies in 1:1 meetings and small group discussions utilizing narrative reflection and student assessment data. The Coaches will integrate these strategies within the structure of the Gateway Curriculum specifically in the areas of Professional Identity Formation and Communication Skills. This program will be integral to the success of the Gateway Curriculum and the students within. It is a shift away from standard advising and mentoring models.

The role begins August 1, 2021. Fifteen faculty coaches will be selected. Each coach will have a cohort of 8-9 entering first-year students with the expectation to follow them through their graduation in May 2025. This role requires 0.2 FTE that will be supported by the Office of Education. Contact Nichole Zehnder, Associate Dean for Educational Strategy and Director of the Gateway Coaching Program for questions about the program. Andy Wiegert can answer questions about the application process.

Interested in applying? Click below for information.
Information session slides
Job Description and Application Requirements

Application deadline is 5pm, April 2nd, 2021
Interviews and Final Selections expected by End of April

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