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Curriculum Renewal Update: Module 5

Welcome to Module 5: Metabolism and Reproduction! This module is six weeks long and is made up of three inter-related topic areas:

  • Metabolism and nutrition. This includes a discussion of what you need to eat to maintain a healthy body and how this material is biochemically converted into the chemical energy you need to live. It also includes a description of how this homeostasis is dysregulated in obesity and diabetes.
  • Endocrinology. This section provides an in-depth look at the endocrine glands, the hormones they produce, and the systems that they regulate. It also includes a discussion of bone and mineral metabolism and growth from birth through adolescence.
  • Reproduction. In this section, students will study the reproductive tracts across the gender spectrum as well as pregnancy and parturition. This section also includes discussion of hormonal use across the lifespan, public health issues in reproductive medicine, and sessions on contraception, abortion, and the use of reproductive technologies.

Module 5 Team:
Lai Kuan Dionne, PhD
Marina Litvin, MD
Linda Pike, PhD
Amy Riek, MD
Melissa DeHart
Rhashad Whittier

We greatly appreciate the tremendous efforts put into the design, build, and implementation of the Explore Immersion by the leaders and content experts including Amber Deptola, MD, FACP; Aaron M. Chamberlain MD, MSc, MBA; Koong-Nah Chung, PhD; Darrell Hudson, PhD; Dorina Kallogjeri, MD, MPH; Caline Mattar, MD; Rosalyn Bradshaw-Robinson, MA, and Cody Kettler. We also acknowledge the outstanding contributions of the curricular support team including Melissa DeHart, Chris Chettle, Andrea Kimberling, Karen Martinez, Monique Stoves, and Rhashad Whittier.

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