Curriculum Renewal Update: Module 4

Welcome to Module 4: Ins and Outs! This module will explore both intake and output from the human body. These topics have important ramifications on everyday lives, patients, communities, and societies – and this module is aimed to instill an appreciation of how these seemingly mundane human processes can profoundly impact so many aspects of life. This module is roughly split into two complementary halves:

  • INTAKE: For the first 4 weeks, we will learn about the gastrointestinal tract as we ponder the mysteries of ingestion, digestion, and absorption.
  • OUTPUT: For the remaining 3 weeks, we will explore the renal/genitourinary tract as we consider how the body maintains homeostasis through filtration, reabsorption, and controlled excretion.

There’s a lot here to think about, with the basics of body mechanics intertwined with disease processes, clinical applications, societal implications, and ethical considerations, but the module leads have worked hard to make this module a safe, engaging, and fun place to learn. They have carefully constructed a concise curriculum with a focus towards equipping students to be outstanding clinicians and patient advocates. Each week is arranged to provide foundational materials early on (often through asynchronous videos), and then to build on these basics together through active and collaborative activities as the week progresses. Team Based Learning activities, which are used to assess and consolidate understanding, are scheduled to allow a little time to process what students have learned through the previous week.

Module 4 Team:
Steven Cheng, MD
Jay Malone, MD
Sandeep Tripathy, MD
Katie Nymberg
Monique Stoves

We greatly appreciate the tremendous efforts put into the design, build, and implementation of Module 3 by the leaders and content experts including Audrey Coolman, MPH Justin Sadhu, MD, MPHS; Jeff Atkinson, MD; Amy Bauernfiend, PhD; Kari Allen, PhD; Aimee James, PhD, MPH; Amanda Emke, MD; Jonathan Mullin, MD; Kaytlin Reedy-Rogier, MSW; Andy Wiegert, MBA; Tim Yau, MD; and Nichole Zehnder, MD. We also acknowledge the outstanding contributions of the curricular support team including Kelly Mock, Ed.D and Monique Stoves.

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