Curriculum Renewal Update: Phase I Content Build

The Gateway Curriculum design team has entered into the building stage for Phase I content. Led by Sabrina Nuñez, PhD, Assistant Dean for Curriculum and the Basic Sciences, each team will collaborate in the design, build, and implementation of the educational content for their specific module/immersion. Teams are currently meeting to present draft module schedules based on the work from the previous design phase in the upcoming weeks.

The Phase I teams and their areas of expertise are as follows:

Phase 1Area of Content Expertise
Module 1: Molecules to Society 
Sabrina Nuñez, PhDGenetics & Genomics
Laurie Punch, MDSurgery, Community Engagement, Advocacy, Social and Structural Determinants of Health
Colleen Wallace, MDPediatrics, Professional Identity Formation, Wellness, Humanities, and Patient Narrative
Module 2: Defense and Response to Injury 
Erica Crouch, MD, PhDPathology
Brian Edelson, MD, PhDImmunology
Komo Gursahani, MDEmergency Medicine, Health System Sciences (Health Policy and Economics and System Structure, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement)
Module 3: Circulation and Breathing 
Justin Sadhu, MDCardiology
Amy Bauernfeind, PhDAnatomy & Embryology/Development
Kari Allen, PhDAnatomy & Embryology/Development
Aimee James, PhD, MPHPublic Health
Module 4: Ins and Outs 
Steve Cheng, MDNephrology
Sandeep Tripathy, MD, PhDGastroenterology
Jay Malone, MDPediatrics, Ethics & Law
Module 5: Metabolism and Reproduction 
Linda Pike, PhDBiochemistry & Cell Biology
Lai Kuan Dionne, PhDPhysiology
Ina Amarillo, PhDGenetics & Genomics, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Advocacy
Marina Litvin, MDEndocrinology 
Amy Riek, MDEndocrinology
Module 6: Scaffolding and Movement 
Amy Bauernfeind, PhDAnatomy & Embryology/Development
Kari Allen, PhDAnatomy & Embryology/Development
Allyson Zazulia, MDNeurology
Steve Ambler, DPT, MPHPhysical Therapy/ Public Health
Module 7: Brain and Behavior 
Allyson Zazulia, MDNeurology
Simon Haroutounian, PhD, MScPharmacology
Immersion 1: Ambulatory/ED 
Kaytlin Reedy-Rogier, MSWCommunity Engagement, Social Determinants of Health, Structural Determinants of Health
Joan Noelker, MDEmergency Medicine
Immersion 2: Procedures 
Michelle Miller-Thomas, MDRadiology
Erica Traxel, MDSurgical subspecialties
Immersion 3: Inpatient 
Doug Larsen, MDNeurology
Dennis Chang, MDInterprofessional Education, Teamwork, and Patient Safety & Quality Improvement
Clinical Skills & Phase 1 Capstone 
Tim Yau, MDClinical Skills
Jonathan Mullin, MDCommunication

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