2022 Theme: “La Francophonie de l’avenir”

Celebrated every March 20, the International Francophonie Day (Journée Internationale de la Francophonie) is a worldwide event that reunites francophones around the world to celebrate the French language and francophone culture. With over 369 million French speakers on earth today, this number will know a significant increase in the years ahead. The OIF (La Francophonie International Organization) predicts 750 million speakers by 2050. Listed among the UN’s six official languages, French is the language of the future and its influence in world diplomacy still has gold years ahead. Since last year, WashU has decided to join its voice in the celebration and 2022 marks the 2nd edition within our community. This is a week-long and student-led event with the help of faculty members, the WashU center for excellence French ConneXion, RLL Department, and Olin Library.

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Francophone Week Organizers


  1. I went to “La petite” this evening, and it was such a treat to hear from the filmmaker herself! Thank you for organizing the event!

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