2019 students available to answer questions for prospective students

Sophia (Washington U. in St. Louis) –s.xiao@wustl.edu

Sim (UC Berkeley) – harsimran.bhandal@berkeley.edu

Eleanor (Yale U) – eleanor.cook@yale.edu

Priya (WU) – Priyapradhan@wustl.edu

Tristan (Yale U) – tristan.furnary@yale.edu

Comments taken from student evaluations

  • “This program was truly an amazing experience filled with meeting new people, complete immersion in the French culture, getting first-hand experience of the French medical system, and classes that expanded my knowledge”.
  • “Since it is so hard to study abroad for a semester with the intent of being Pre-med, this is a great opportunity to not only travel abroad, but also to get experience with a culturally different way of medicine. This trip can also work for those interested in becoming a physician’s assistant. This is what I hope to do, and I can tell this experience will definitely help me in applying for graduate schools“.
  • “This is a unique, very intense program that starts off running right away. I found the doctors at the hospitals and health centers extremely helpful and willing to share their time. Living with a French family is one of the best parts of the program. It forced me to speak French and integrated me more into the French society. I feel like I’ve gained a lot academically, career-wise, and personally through the program“.
  • I enjoyed experiencing the lifestyle of my French family. I also enjoyed the personal attention we received from the professors. I have learned that I want to go into an aspect of medicine where I can have a personal relationship with patients”.
  • The experience in the hospital was especially eye-opening. It was interesting to compare the similarities and striking differences. One thing, in particular, is the economic considerations that are overtaking medicine in America. The medical issues course helps to present the context of the doctor in society (and how that changes), and this is really important for anyone wanting to be a doctor. This has definitely been a worthwhile experience, and I am leaving it with a renewed vigor for what awaits me as a physician in a more and more “international” world””.
  • “I gained confidence in my independence – traveling and speaking in French. There are so many things you learn from actually being here that you can’t learn in a normal classroom. As a pre-med student, I learned the differences between the American and French medical systems. I have a whole new understanding of “socialized medicine.”
  • “Personally, the great interactions I had with the other members of the group made the program an unforgettable experience. Linguistically, speaking with an authentic French family sharpened my skills. Culturally, I became acquainted with the way of life in the south of France.
  • “Working in the operating room at the hospital gave me an opportunity to see close-up surgery and to discuss medical issues with the medical staff.
  • “A great cultural and learning experience!”