Unfortunately, we were unable to complete and debug the full GUI before the due date.  There were several factors that played into this.  First and foremost was the short time between when we got the board back and the project due date.  We received the board from the fabrication facility approximately 10 days before the due date.  The first 2-3 days were spent building and doing preliminary testing on the board.  Then, after realizing that we had made a mistake in our analog circuit (see the “Analog Front End Fixes” section), we spent several days simulating, prototyping, and correcting our design. 

By this point we had roughly two days to test the VHDL design in hardware.  After losing a day to problems with the RGB outputs being removed by the Xilinx synthesis tools, we realized that it would be impossible to get the UI fully functioning.  

One of the biggest problems that we ran into was that we had planned to give ourselves a few weeks to work with the board.  However, we had some serious questions about the FPGA configuration and programming circuit that we needed addressed by Dr. Richard.  Unfortunately, he became seriously ill for over a week and was unable to meaningfully address the question.  This was fairly unavoidable and really just unfortunate timing.  Up until this point we were meeting our stated deadlines exactly.  Finally the board went out, a week and a half after our intended deadline.  Additionally, the fab house, which is advertises a 1 week turn around, got it to us 1.5-2 weeks later.  All together we lost about 2-3 weeks due to causes that were out our control.