Welcome to the Fournier Lab!

We design and implement new techniques which combine the sensitivity and selectivity of mass spectrometry with the time resolution of ultrafast spectroscopies to capture and interrogate fast chemical reactions with molecular-level detail, offering new insight into reaction mechanisms that are too challenging to study with standard methods.

Recent Lab News

We have submitted a manuscript detailing ultrafast transient IR action spectroscopy of cryogenically cooled ions. Check out the preprint on ChemRxiv!

Our manuscript on computationally modeling the strongly H-bonded OH and OD stretch regions in PCET dyads is accepted by JPCA!

Liangyi presents a talk and poster at the ACS National meeting.

Liangyi and Zifan’s manuscript on unraveling the diffuse shared proton stretch in PCET model systems has been accepted by JCP and chosen as an Editor’s Pick!

We’ve collected the first pump-probe spectra of cryogenically cooled ions. Stay tuned!!!