How to pitch an idea and develop a biotech project?

Joseph Jez, Ph.D.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor, Department of Biology

Plant and Microbial Biosciences Program
Biochemistry Program
Description: This second year Biotech Explorers Pathway (BEP) course introduces students to the process used to generate project ideas, write proposals, and evaluate concepts, with peer evaluation applied at all steps of the process. Students completing Bio3010 will gain experience in science proposal writing with peer review, public speaking, team building, and leadership training. The first four weeks of the course will focus on individual pre-proposal brainstorming, writing, and pitching, while the remainder of the course will be dedicated to the development of full proposals by teams of students. This 3-credit project development course complements introductory courses by making connections between fields and building teams of students with experience in the process that nurtures ideas to products. Pre-requisites: Students need to have completed Bio2010: The Science of Biotechnology, Bio2020: Biotech Entrepreneurs Seminar, and Bio 2960 for enrollment in this course. Credit Only. 3.0 units. Writing Intensive. Limited to 20 students.

* This course engages freshman in discussions about current biological research. It is optional and does not replace requirements for the Biology major or for pre-health careers. See the Handbook for Biology Majors for details of Biology major requirements

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