Credit Card Acceptance/Compliance

  • For payments made via credit card, please contact Sarah Andre at 314-935-9428.
  • Inform clients that all cc authorization forms need to be submitted directly to Olin Accounting’s secure fax machine at 314-935-5388.  We cannot process cc payments when cardholder information is received via e-mail.  If you receive cardholder information via email, send a separate reply (not a response to the e-mail string) to the cardholder with instructions to fax the cc authorization form to Olin Accounting. 

 Invoicing Entities Outside of WU 

  • When invoicing outside entities, please send a copy of the invoice to Olin Accounting.  This is needed to identify and apply payments when received.   Please include the following on the invoice:
    • Entity name, address and contact
    • Person issuing the invoice
    • Account to post payment when received
    • Unique Invoice Number (please contact Accounting for assistance)