Information Needed for Guest Reimbursements

When someone is invited to visit Washington University and will require a payment for service or reimbursement, it is important to establish whether they are a US citizen or if they are in the US on a visa.  This is designed not only to keep WU compliant, but more importantly to protect the visa status of our guests.

Please use the sample email when inviting guests and attach the FIIR form to the email.  The Guest Information form can be used to collect travel information.

Sample Email to Guests: Click Here
Guest Information Form: Click Here
Foreign Individual Information Request (FIIR Form): Click Here

If the Olin Accounting Department processes your documents, please send the above completed paperwork to Olin Accounting (Campus Box 1159) with the supporting documentation as you normally would.  They will forward the paperwork to the Tax Department.

Consultant Payments and Speaker Fees

Note that taxable payments made to foreign nationals are generally subject to 30% withholding at the time of payment. If the department would like a payee to receive a net amount after tax withholding, contact the Tax Department for the gross up amount.