Fithi Embaye, LISW is a doctoral student in the Brown School of Social Work.

Research Interests:

Intergenerational trauma, child development & wellbeing, community strength based  interventions, Global social work


Fithi Embaye received her BA in Sociology and Social Work from University of Asmara in 2007, her MA in sociology in 2012 and MSW in 2017 from Ohio University. She is a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW) and certified Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant (ECMHC) with clinical training in evidence-based therapy models for children with trauma and mental health challenges. Most recently, her work engaged evidence-based practices and systems level mental health interventions to promote trauma informed care in early education settings. Her research interests are in intergenerational trauma, child wellbeing and maltreatment prevention. She is committed to investigating and improving the behavioral, educational and health outcomes associated with childhood exposure or risk of trauma, particularly abuse and neglect in resource scarce communities. Fithi is also interested in investigating individual and system level socio-cultural factors that promote or challenge the successful adoption of evidence-based practice implementation quality and overall impact on low resource communities.