Inequality and the COVID-19 Recession

Steve Fazzari quoted in this Los Angeles Time article on how the big spending collapse for affluent households spill over to hurt the incomes of lower-wage service-sector workers that sell to the well-to-do.

Interview on Slow Growth / Secular Stagnation (video)

Produced by the Institute for New Economic Thinking This interview explores explanations for weak economic growth in the aftermath of the Great Recession. I argue that the key problem is compromised demand growth that affects economies “beyond the short run.”

Trump Tariffs Based on Flawed View of Trade

St. Louis Post Dispatch Discussion of the macroeconomics of the U.S. trade deficit and the effects of the Trump tariffs on steel and aluminium imports. Article written by David Nicklaus using information from an interview with Prof. Fazzari.

National Debt Hits Historic High

Interview with Wisconsin Public Radio Follow the links for an audio file of an interview with Prof. Fazzari that addresses concerns about rising federal deficits and debt in the aftermath of Trump tax cuts and the early 2018 federal budget agreement.