PhD Students: The Rock Deformation and Experimental Geochemistry Labs of ESPM are accepting applications for new PhD students to begin in the Fall of 2021. Apply to join a dynamic group of faculty, postdocs, and students studying the properties of planetary materials. We consider students from many academic backgrounds, including those with no experience in high pressure experimental research. We value enthusiasm, hard work, and creativity, as our group seeks to understand fundamental processes within Earth and other planetary bodies. Currently, we have a number of ongoing projects but also encourage students to chart their own path towards a doctoral thesis.

If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Professor Phil Skemer (Rock Deformation) and/or Professor Mike Krawczynski (Experimental Geochemistry) to discuss research ideas and opportunities.

Undergraduates: If you are an undergraduate with an interest in Earth and Planetary Science, the ESPM group has opportunities to become involved in research.  Please see Phil Skemer or Mike Krawczynski for more information.