Background Information

For our Senior Design Capstone Project, we worked with Alex Zhang at Lineage Logistics to help with the optimization of their logistics operations. Lineage Logistics is the second largest refrigerated storage company with over 100 facilities in the United States, moving around 50 billion pounds of food annually. They operate freight transportation networks and freezer room systems by utilizing data science and optimization techniques to reduce energy consumption and increase operational efficiencies.

Problem Statement

Lineage currently has its own system of warehouses, but not its own system of transportation vehicles. The data captured by the warehouses can be used to find information about the trucks themselves, which could potentially be used to build a centralized freight network for Lineage which cuts out most of the inefficiencies with the current system. This project is dedicated to optimizing the transportation networks by erasing this inefficiency in a scalable way. The most major source of inefficiencies is from empty backhauls (trucks driving back to their origin empty).