Data Collection

Throughout this semester, our group gathered the circ data by riding the circ between 8 am and noon Mondays through Fridays. We decided to focus on this time period because this is when the circ is at its busiest, as more classes occur in this time than any other day. We did this for about 4 weeks. At each of the 6 stops, we noted how many minutes off schedule was at each stop and how many students got on and off the circ. While we collected this data, we needed to be mindful of the fact that the maximum capacity on the circ is only 35 passengers, including seats and standing room. Thus, we had to be aware if the number of students getting on the circ exceeded the maximum capacity.

An example of the data we collected on Monday

Sample data collection on a given day

We used this data to find the peak times of circulator use, and times when the demand is minimal.