EnCouncil’s annual dance party, Vertigo, features 32 2-foot square tiles or boards filled with LEDs that form a dance floor. The dance floor has been a staple of the event for years. At the beginning of the semester, the floor had some broken wires and LEDs, and the LEDs just flashed randomly when the floor was plugged in. The intent of this project was to renovate the dance floor, and the end goal was for the dance floor to be more engaging for its attendees. We set out to create a dance floor that is interactive, either by lighting up to the beat of the music or by lighting up at the command of some user through an interface. In order to do this, changes were made to both the hardware and the software. All the broken wires and LEDs were replaced. On the hardware side, the microcontroller sends out lighting instructions to every individual LED on the dance floor. Each tile lights up under the 5V power supply that is already included in each tile, and the tiles are daisy-chained together. On the software side, the microcontroller is programmed to compute and send lighting information based on set algorithms and a real-time system. We designed and created a more stimulating dance floor in time for Vertigo.