Items used in this investigation:

Myoware Muscle Sensor

The Myoware Muscle Sensor records the signals generated from the movement of the jaw and throat. The information is then sent to the data acquisition device, or the Particle Photon. 

Particle Photon

The Particle Photon may be small, but it is mighty! The data acquisition will be controlled by this device via WIFI.

ThingSpeak and MATLAB

Once the data was collected on the Particle Photon, it is sent to ThingSpeak via Wifi. The data is then sent to MATLAB to be analyzed to determine what word was said.


The figure above shows how the devices should operate. The signals are read by the EMG (by MyoWare Muscle Sensor) ,then stored in the data aquisition device (Particle Photon). Those signals are then sent to a computer via Wifi to ThingSpeak. Once here, the data would be sent to MATLAB where it can be analyzed to determine what word was said.


Show distinguishable data found using the Myoware Muscle sensor. A represents the word ‘boo’, B represents the word ‘hey’, and C represents the word. 


A shows a comparison of the three words that are present in the library.  B show the library signals plotted with the collected ‘boo’ or the word collected by the sensor.