For this project, we want to construct a device that allows vibrations from the vocal cords to generate speech. Subvocal recognition can provide multiple benefits for many individuals across the world. This could allow individuals to speak without moving their lips. For this project, we will design a device that records signs generated by an individual’s vocal cords. The data would then be transmitted to a computer using a data acquisition device. This device would be wireless, so the signals would be transmitted over Wi-Fi. In this investigation, a Myoware Muscle Sensor will be used to sense the EMG signals. These signals would then be sent to a Particle Photon. This device will send the signals to a computer via Wi-Fi. Once the data has been transmitted to the computer, a computer program will filter the signal and then compare it to a bank of predetermined words. The signal would then be compared to all the prerecorded signals. The signal that matches the transmitted signal most accurately would become the output.