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This web page includes all of the key details of our ESE Senior Design project. Click on the options in the menu to read about the corresponding details.

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Project Overview


The primary objective of this project was to create an autonomous vehicle equipped with a Raspberry Pi and a variety of sensors to control its navigation around the path shown in the image below. Our goals included the following:

  • Navigate the path at a speed greater than the minimum speed of the car
  • Use color detection to control steering and turning
  • Implement a control system to adjust the speed of the car before making a turn

Groups in previous semesters of senior design have also created an autonomous Raspberry Pi car. The intention of this semester was to build upon what previous groups have done, and enhance the project in some way. The major enhancement/change from previous semesters to this semester was that the car had to navigate an outdoor, rather than indoor, path. Previous groups were also able to utilize a defined line, such as black tape, and a line tracking sensor to guide the car along a path. Our faculty advisor gave us the goal of not utilizing such a line, which stretched our engineering creativity to determine another way to stay on the path.