***Note: This project is a continuation of a previous project***

The goal of this project was to design an implantable snake tracker capable of collecting positional data and transmitting said data for collection via base stations set up in the Powder Valley Nature Conservancy. These implantable trackers take the form of a small PCB, with has both GPS and LoRa radio capabilities. As a continuation of work done by a group in Spring 2020, our goal for this project was to miniaturize the previous group’s design to the point that it could be implanted into a snake.


  • We selected components capable of collecting and transmitting GPS locations while also adhering to the size and power constraints of our embedded system.
  • Using the development kits for our components, we build a proof-of-concept showing that these components can be used together to create a functioning snake tracker.
  • We designed prototype PCB schematics and layouts which housed and interfaced our components.
  • We sent out the PCB design to be fabricated before assembling it ourselves.

The Team


  • Nathan Shreve (undergraduate)
  • Matthew Bridges (undergraduate)


  • Dr. James Feher


  • Dr. Benjamin Jellen