Comparisons of the heatmap visualization of the tracking algorithms to the real time movements of the subject:


Latency and Error comparison (with respect to the Opti-Track data) of the new and old algorithms:

Algorithm                          Original Algorithm New Algorithm (Every Node) New Algorithm (Every Channel) New Algorithm (Every 2 Channels)
Latency (ms) 240 3 30 60
% Reduction (Latency) 98.75 87.5 75
RMSE (m) 1.8234 (1.6615)* 1.0419 0.8356 0.8178
% Reduction (Error) 42.9 (37.3)* 54.1 (49.7)* 55.1 (50.8)

*values with an asterisk are based off the error calculated using the variance based algorithm from the original methods


For a more in-depth and detailed discussion of our project and results, below is the full report for the capstone design project:

Full Project Report