The seismology group has a farm of three Dell Linux servers, sharing a total of over 120TB of networked disk space managed by two separate RAID controllers. The Dell servers include one PowerEdge R900 with 24 cores (Quad 2.4GHz Xeon E7450 6-core processors) and 128GB of RAM, and two PowerEdge R920 servers, both with 24 cores each (one has quad 1.9GHz Xeon E7-4809 v2 6-core processors, the other has dual 2.6GHz Xeon E7-4860 v2 12-core processors.) One R920 has 128GB of RAM and the other has 256GB. These Dell servers all have MATLAB and a suite of geophysical software dedicated for the analysis of seismic data. 

In 2019 we acquired a 120TB Synology network attached storage system to better organize and archive our large repository of seismic data. Available to the clusters and the server farm, this archive will allow the attached storage on the computational systems to be more efficiently utilized. 

These servers are primarily used by seismology students and researchers working with Doug Wiens and Michael Wysession. Interested students and researchers should contact Hugh Chou for further information on using the systems.

Dell Server Rack Rudolph 374

Dell Server Rack – Scott Rudolph Hall, Room 374