Research Support Contacts by Department and PI

Biomedical Engineering (BME)
BME Pre-Award ContactPatience Graybill
BME Post-Award ContactsCindy Goessling
Glen Reitz (backup)
Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
CSE Contacts (covering both Pre- and Post- Award)Sharon Matlock
Jessica Ray (backup)
Electrical and Systems Engineering (ESE)
ESE Pre-Award ContactErin Plut
ESE Post-Award ContactAngel Algarin
Energy, Environmental, and Chemical Engineering (EECE)
EECE Pre-Award ContactsChristine Tilley
Priya Navin
Christy Stewart
EECE Post-Award Contact by PI
Axelbaum, RichardKatie Chrapek
Chakrabarty, RajanKaylee Huelsing
Ditto, JennaJesi Hempstead
Foston, MarcusKatie Chrapek
Giammar, DanielKaylee Huelsing
He, Zhen (Jason)Katie Chrapek
Jun, Young-ShinKaylee Huelsing
Kumfer, BenjaminKaylee Huelsing
Liang, XinhuaJesi Hempstead
Ling, FangqiongKatie Chrapek
Martin, RandallKaylee Huelsing
Moon, Tae SeokKaylee Huelsing
Parker, KimberlyKatie Chrapek
Ramani, VijayKaylee Huelsing
Tang, YinjieKatie Chrapek
Thimsen, ElijahKatie Chrapek
Turner, JayKaylee Huelsing
Wang, JianKaylee Huelsing
Williams, BrentKatie Chrapek
Xu, LuKatie Chrapek
Yuan, JoshuaKaylee Huelsing
Zhang, FuzhongKaylee Huelsing
Mechanical Engineering and Material Science (MEMS)
Pre-Award ContactKevin Cowell
Post-Award ContactsMegan Affolder
Taylor Harris (backup)
Center Grant and Large Initiative Proposal Support
Pre-Award ContactChristal Douglas

Pre-Award Support:

Proposal submissions

Sales and service contracts

Sponsored research agreements

Pre-award or just-in-time (JIT) requests

Award set-up

Continuation budgets

Supplemental requests

Post-Award Support:

Award fund management

Pre-award spending

Annual/Final Progress Reports (eg. RPPR)

Expenditures and purchasing

Personnel hiring/ Human resource questions

No cost extensions