A biosketch is a common grant proposal element used by external sponsors to asses a researcher’s professional background in relation to the project. The biosketch depicts, in brief, chronological form, the PI’s professional accomplishments.

The biosketch tells the story of an individual’s expertise to carry out the specific project. Sponsors typically request that PIs highlight only experiences relevant to the proposal. Bios of all senior/key personnel involved in the project are typically required elements.

Who must submit a biosketch?

Biosketches must be submitted for each individual who meets the definition of Senior/Key Personnel and Other Significant Contributor. Include individuals who meet the definition of senior/key regardless of what organization they work for.

Learn about the NIH definitions of Senior/Key Personnel and Other Significant Contributors.

Biosketch Content Instructions
Disclosing Foreign Affiliations in the NIH Biosketch
Using SciENcv to Produce NIH and NSF Biosketches

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