Critical Care Medicine
EM/CCM is one of the fastest growing subspecialties in the field of Emergency Medicine. Washington University has committed to providing up to date critical care medicine training to our Residents, state of the art critical care medicine services for our patient population, and innovative research to challenge the barriers of current critical care medicine practice models


Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
EMS is an exciting and rapidly growing subspecialty of Emergency Medicine. Our EMS Fellowship Program offers broad and varied clinical experience with the unique flexibility to emphasize areas of specific interest to a Fellow.


The focus is our recently built Sim Lab housing four high fidelity METI mannequins as well as a task training room. This is complemented by a large conference room that allows for remote viewing of the lab rooms. While many sim labs have a single educational model to their simulation ours is multi-faceted.


Medical Toxicology is the original subspecialty of Emergency Medicine.  While the oldest, it is still growing and evolving.  The service is dedicated to teaching students, residents, and fellows about medical toxicology, including addiction medicine.  The service provides both inpatient and outpatient evaluations. In addition, we collaborate with the Missouri Poison Center and offer telemedical direction.  Several of the section members are involved with research and national toxicology and emergency medicine organizations.


The EM ultrasound section is committed to educating residents in the newest ultrasound applications within emergency medicine. Section members Mcontributed to the rewriting of the ultrasound education guidelines for the Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine and contribute key advice on national issues.