I have completed the requirements for the Preparation in Pedagogy program (PiP) at Teaching Center of Washington University in Saint Louis. This is “a workshop-intensive program that provides formalized training in pedagogy for Washington University graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from across the disciplines“. The workshops I attended as a part of this program:

  1. Teaching with Technology
  2. Active Learning
  3. Collaborative Learning in Groups
  4. Facilitating Challenging Conversations
  5. Inclusive Learning in Groups
  6. Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL): Philosophy and Implementation
  7. Creating a Teaching Portfolio
  8. Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement

Here you can access my teaching philosophy statement and my diversity statement. Further, you can obtain information about the courses I instructed (Introduction to Statistics) and where I was the TA.


with the students of the Intro to Stats

This course provided me with the opportunity to be the sole instructor. I had a significant freedom to design the course in a way that was best for my students who were mainly mathematically advanced high schoolers and freshmen.  I framed the course as a comprehensive modern introduction to Data Analysis that covered topics from Probability, Statistics, Causal Inference/Experimental Design, and Machine Learning. Here you could read more about the textbooks I used. Finally, here you can access my teaching evaluations for this course.

Teaching Assistantships

Instructor: Professor Sunita Parikh

Instructor: Professor Norman Schofield

Instrictor: Professor Ian MacMullen

Instructor: Professor John Patty

Instructor: Professor Norman Schofield