Quant Training

This page contains the list of statistical, computational, formal modeling, general Math, and experimental design courses Elena took during her studies in Washington University in Saint Louis. The detailed information on undergraduate and graduate work before that is available by request. The courses marked with the asterisk counted towards the master degree in Statistics. Some courses may belong to more than one category.  If a particular programming language/statistical platform was a required part of the course, the name of this programming language/statistical platform is provided in the brackets.

  1. Computation
    • Department of Computer Science
      • CSE 417 Introduction to Machine Learning* (MATLAB)
      • CSE 511 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Python)
      • CSE 516 Multi-Agent Systems (Python)
      • CSE 7100 Research Seminar on Machine Learning
  2. Statistics
  3. Formal Modeling
    • Department of Political Science
      • PolSci 506 Game Theory*
      • PolSci 507 Individual and Social Choice
      • PolSci 5082 Research Seminar: Formal Models of Elections and Representation¬†
      • PolSci 5082 Research Seminar: Formal Models of Political Institutions
      • PolSci 5082 Research Seminar in Formal Political Theory
    • Department of Computer Science
      • CSE 516 Multi-Agent Systems (Python)
  4. General Math
  5. Experimental Design