EHS Assist is a EH&S management software to maintain an accurate accounting of hazardous materials used on our campuses to comply with federal, state and local regulatory requirements as well as best practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to Workday, I had to opt-in to the Marketplace/Chemical Inventory link. What has changed?

With the implementation of Workday, all items ordered with SC163, SC172, SC460 or SC461 spending codes will be imported to the “Chemical Order Receipt” link in the Chemical Inventory. There is no opt-in or opt-out. If a lab chooses not to add these items to their active inventory from the Receipt area, the lab will need to manually enter their chemical inventory items.

When I list the PI as the requester the PI receives emails concerning the purchase order. How do I ensure that I receive those emails instead of the PI?

Please use the person you would like to receive the email confirmations as the requester. In those cases, the line-item “Location” field will be used to track the chemicals to the correct PI. Therefore, it is important to select the accurate location (building and room number) where the chemical will ultimately be stored. If the “Location” field has been prepopulated from a previous entry, please verify and edit each item as necessary to ensure that the storage location (building and room number) are listed correctly for each of the chemicals.

I am in a shared space and don’t use the PI as the requestor during requisitioning. What do I need to do?

Please add the PI’s last name at the end of the quantity portion of the line-item memo field (e.g. 500|ML|2|Grant)

Why don't I see the Inventory icon when I login to EHS Assist?

You do not yet have permission to view the chemical inventory for your lab.  Please ask your PI or Lab Contact to grant you access.  Alternatively, you can email EH&S asking for access.

Why are my chemicals showing up in my inventory without quantities listed?

Ensure that the beginning of line-item Memo Field for each of the goods during requisitioning is filled in using the continuous format “Container Size or Quantity|Unit of Measure|Total Containers” (e.g. 500|ML|2).  Place this string at the beginning of the each line-item memo field in your list of goods.

Can I edit an item prior to adding it to inventory?

The preferred way to edit an item prior to adding it to your inventory is at the line item level. “# of Containers”, “Split”, “Quantity per Unit”, “Volume/Size” and “Location” can be edited at the line item level. To make these edits, click inside the cells that need edits.

Do I need to remove items from “Chemical Order Receipt” that are not added to my active inventory?

We do ask that you keep “Chemical Order Receipt” as clean as possible by either receiving these items to your inventory or removing them from the “Chemical Order Receipt” area.

I’ve added an item that includes multiple containers to my inventory and a record for each container was created. How do I ensure that only one record is created?

If you only want one record created, ensure that the split column has been changed from “multiple” to “single” before adding the item to your active inventory.

I want to run a report of the items that I have in my Chemical Inventory. How do I do this?

There are several reports that you can run while in your chemical inventory. Click the “Chemical Inventory Reports” at the top of your chemical inventory page to see what reports are available.

I am manually adding a chemical to the inventory and my lab room number is missing. How do add that lab room number to the dropdown menu?

Please contact EH&S to get the lab room number added.

I want to add more specific lab storage locations (e.g. Freezer). How do I add those items as selections to the storage location dropdown menu?

When you click the Inventory Icon but prior to going into your chemical inventory list there is the option to add more specific storage locations that will appear in the dropdown menu. Please click the link called “Storage Location” to add dropdown options.