Travel Information

Department of Economics / Main Venue


Getting to the Danforth Campus from Lambert International Airport.

  1. MetroLink:
    MetroLink is an easy way to access the Danforth campus via the blue line. From the airport, take the RED line east towards Shiloh Scott, exit at the Forest Park-DeBaliviere station, and take the BLUE line west towards Shrewsbury Lansdowne I-44, exit at the University City-Big Bend station. The trip will take around 35-40 minutes, and the the one-way fee is $2.


  2. Taxi:
    The campus is about a 15-20 min drive from the airport. Taxi are available at the exit of the airport, and the usual fare is between $30-$40. Lyft and Uber are both available to and from Lambert Airport. Check exits for designated pickup areas. Price should be comparable to a taxi ride.


The city of St. Louis provides a variety of options for your stay. Please refer to the attached file for more information (PDF).