Eleni Gaveras is completing her Ph.D. in Social Work at the Brown School. Eleni is interested in suicide prevention among LGBTQIA+ homeless youth. She is passionate about leveraging the voices of LGBTQIA+ youth into suicide prevention research. Her mixed methods dissertation combines national survey data with a qualitative narrative analysis to develop a complex systems mapping illustrating pathways to recovery and supports reflective of the lived experiences of trans youth building upon existing resilience strategies.

Eleni’s doctoral training was funded both by an NIMH T32 and a McDonnell Academy Fellowship. Her professional experience includes coordination for the International Organization for Migration addressing the health of highly mobile populations in Tanzania. With the IOM, she advocated and assisted in coordinating cross-country research on how the vulnerabilities surrounding migration, mobility, and experiences of discrimination impacted health.  Before the doctoral program, Eleni has participated in academic research at several universities, including the University of Copenhagen’s Center for Migration Ethnicity and Health on a qualitative study on social support and end of life care and the University of Chicago, exploring mental health outcomes among children vulnerable to family separation. Currently, she is a CO-I on a pilot study examining suicide prevention services in rural Georgia and an active member of the American Association of Suicidology Lived Experience Division.

CV: Eleni Gaveras_CV_July_2021