Welcome to the Department of Biology’s Editing Service!

Our mission is to help faculty members and their trainees write clearly and effectively about their scientific questions and findings.

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Scientific Editing Service


The Department of Biology hired a full-time scientific editor to support faculty members in the department  by editing their grants to improve clarity and highlight the significance of their research. Her goal is to help faculty members effectively communicate their ideas and grab reviewers’ attention.  

She also works with trainees in the early stage of manuscript writing. She guides them through the writing (and re-writing) process and helps them create a solid first draft to submit to their faculty mentors. 

Finally, she engages with faculty members to brainstorm and implement ideas that will strengthen the scientific efforts in the department. She teaches skill-developing workshops for trainees, promotes the scientific discoveries in the department through social media and external communication and works on special projects with faculty. 

Grant Writing

The competition for limited government funding is high. A good idea and a reviewer-focused, clearly written grant proposal are critical to success

Manuscript Writing

The pressure to publish often and well means that scientists must clearly communicate the rationale behind their question and experimental design, and how the findings impact their field.

Faculty support

The faculty members in the Department of Biology are tasked with varied and demanding responsibilities that include teaching, performing research, and mentoring trainees in the lab. The Department of Biology offers resources to help faculty meet their goals.

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