Published Results:

AXCPT Data Link
from Gonthier, C., MacNamara, B. N., Chow, M., Conway, A. R. A., & Braver, T. S. (2016). Inducing cognitive control shifts in the AX-CPT. The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.
Access publication here: PMC5118587

Stroop Data Link
from Gonthier, C., Braver, T. S., & Bugg, J. M. (2016). Dissociating proactive and reactive control in the Stroop task. Memory & Cognition.
Access publication here: PMC4942492

Cued Task-Switching Data Link
from Bugg, J. and Braver, TS. Proactive control of irrelevant task rules during cued task switching.  Psychol Res. 2016 Sep; 80(5): 860-76. 
Access publication here: PMC4731324

Sternberg Data (in development)

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