Welcome to Introduction to Theatre Production!

This class is an introductory study of the major elements involved with mounting a theatrical production.  Topics range from scenic, costume, make-up, and lighting design to production organization, management and procedures.  Students are required to serve as a crew member on one Performing Arts Department (PAD) production.
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Objective: To provide students with a general overview of and appreciation for the organization, management and procedures involved in mounting a theatrical production. Emphasis will be placed on the design and execution of a theatrical event with some reference to the history of technical theatre.  Practical experience in production will be provided and required through this course as a run crew member in one of the following crews: lights, sound, deck, props, fly-rail, wardrobe. 

Lin Manuel Miranda on Theatre Production…

“The answer is this: Study all the things that you don’t want to go into in theatre. Study lighting. Do all the things. For my theatre major, I did makeup, I ran lights, I did sound design, I sewed costumes, and that stuff comes in incredibly handy when you work with other people. Theatre is all about collaboration, so you have to actually understand a bit of the job your collaborators are doing, so that you can speak to them fluently. And then the other thing is take, like, whatever you’re interested in – I promise it will come in handy. Tommy Kail was an American History major; it came in pretty handy when we had this idea. So that’s my advice. Do what you’re passionate about.”

             – Lin-Manuel Miranda, on advice for pursuing theatre in college

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