Fall semester

BIO 429/ARCH 529, Cellular Transformations: This is a course developed for students interested in using emerging technologies and cross-disciplinary approaches in design production and implementation. Students work on individual and team projects to develop abstract thinking and learn modern design and fabrication processes including digital media and 3D technologies.For more information, visit http://sites.wustl.edu/cellulartransformations/

Spring semester

BIO 334, Cell Biology: This course explores the structure and inner workings of eukaryotic cells from a molecular perspective. Topics covered include cell evolution, macromolecular assembly and emergent properties, membrane physiology, intracellular trafficking, signal transduction, extracellular matrix and tissue formation, cytoskeleton and motility, cell cycle, and the cellular basis of disease. For more information, visit https://biology.wustl.edu/sites/courses/wucrsl/L41/334/SP2020