The Center of Diversity and Inclusion supports and advocates for
undergraduate, graduate, and professional students from underrepresented and/or marginalized populations,
creates collaborative partnerships with campus and community partners, and promotes dialogue and social change among all students.
Our work enhances and strengthens Washington University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

In the university’s core mission to develop students as future leaders in the diverse global community of the 21st Century, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion serves as an integral part. Key areas of focus include education, advocacy, research & scholarship, engagement, and social justice.

Center for Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Directions

  • To create educational opportunities for the campus community through intentional, reflective and applied learning experiences related to identity, well-being, cross-cultural communication, diversity and social justice concepts.
  • To cultivate and foster a supportive campus climate for students of all backgrounds, cultures and identities.
  • To advocate for traditionally underrepresented, underserved, and/or marginalized student populations and institutional change in the areas of  well-being, diversity, inclusion and equity.
  • To engage in collaborative partnerships with constituents within the university and broader communities for student engagement and the promotion of dialogue and social change.
  • To contribute to the local and national discourse regarding diversity and social justice.
  • To develop sustainable infrastructure and operational/governance models informed by research and scholarship to further the Division of Student Affairs.