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Mental Health

Mackenzie C., M1

Investing in your mental health in medical school can be difficult and is always a work in progress. I found that the most important resource was being able to see a therapist thru my WashU School of Medicine benefit plan. If your provider is within the student benefit plan, you can see a therapist with only a $10 copay, with no limit on visits. My best piece of advice would be to use this resource early during your transition period before the stress of medical school begins to ramp up. Taking advantage of these resources can only benefit you and I’ve found it incredibly helpful in navigating new friendships, living, alone, and dealing with the more emotionally draining aspects of medical education.


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Peer Advocates

Shireen R., M2

Peer advocates are fellow students that are here to 1) be friendly and empathetic listening ears and 2) help students navigate resources like mistreatment reporting systems, mental health help, academic support, and more. Along with providing individual support, we are also here to keep note of trends to bring to the attention of admin to improve the student experience. We are always here to listen! You can request help from any of us or reach out to specific advocates — we span all medical school years and have a diverse range of experiences. All of us are dedicated to supporting you and helping you take care of yourself throughout the challenges of medical school.  

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Student Health at WashU

Wendy T., M1

WashU’s health benefit plan is covered by the student health fee, and you can it as a secondary benefit if you already have primary insurance.  Student Health covers all necessary immunizations.  With WashU’s benefit plan, I was able to get an MRI for free after a knee injury, and I will be receiving free physical therapy, which is really nice! You can make appointments over the phone and be seen within a couple of days.  I’ve heard that walk-ins are fairly easy as well.

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Elijah F., M2

WUMS Well is the hub for student wellness at WashU School of Medicine! You can find modules on better sleep, stretching and posture, and even financial literacy. Not to mention that the WUMS Well Instagram page highlights student events that are happening and upper-level students that are eager to pass along advice. Student and faculty representatives are always on the lookout for fun activities around St. Louis and additional resources for students regarding all domains of wellness.

Section Editor

Maida Duncan

Maida Duncan

Perspectives, Health & Resources Section Editor

Hi! My name is Maida and I am originally from St. Louis! I did my undergrad at the University of Toronto, majoring in Neuroscience and Molecular Biology, with a minor in Psychology. While I was unsure about returning to St. Louis for medical school because I loved being away from home, I’ve found the transition to be easy and my classmates at WashU to be absolutely incredible. When I’m not studying, you’ll find me going for walks in Forest Park with friends, listening to music, exploring St. Louis, and tending to my succulents! I found the Dis-O Guide to be a great resource when deciding to come back to St. Louis and I hope it’s helpful for you too!