Who we are

DIFFS is a culturally inclusive and supportive network for all underrepresented faculty and staff at Washington University and is committed to supporting a strong diverse and inclusive environment. We welcome everyone who supports this goal.


We envision Washington University as a leader in diversity and inclusion efforts among institutions of higher education in the United States, where all members of the community feel welcomed and supported, and the dignity of all people is respected and valued.


Our mission is to build a culture of inclusion and advocate/ support for a strong and influential community of underrepresented faculty and staff by providing and supporting networking, mentoring, multicultural programs and events, and cultural exchange opportunities.

Core Values

The following core values forms the foundation of DIFFS and embodies the basic elements of our mission and vision.

Increases awareness – raise awareness of the experiences, contributions, needs and concerns of the underrepresented campus communities

Facilitates collaboration – fosters and supports an environment of cooperation and collaboration between the campus community and local community through shared programming

Establishes community – builds and fosters relationships through networking and collaboration

Fosters engagement – advocates for and cultivates full participation of underrepresented campus faculty and staff

Celebrates inclusion/equity – provides an environment that is welcoming, supportive, and fair

Encourages leadership – provides opportunities to apply leadership skills through public speaking and event planning

Develops self-empowerment – provides opportunities for confidence building and self-reliance