Thomas Schwarz Keynotes Symposium to Launch New Center

Dr. Aaron DiAntonio and Dr. Jeffrey Milbrandt, co-directors of the Needleman Center for Axonal Therapeutics and Neurometabolism, launched the new center with a symposium featuring Aaron’s PhD mentor, Dr. Thomas Schwarz. Dr. Schwarz, who is now a professor at Harvard, gave a talk titled “Moving and Removing Neuronal Mitochondria”. Other speakers included Dr. Ghazal Ashrafi, […]

Modeling Neurological Disorders Using Stem Cell-based Approaches

On April 22, Dr. DiAntonio will kick off the Hope Center’s upcoming seminar series, Modeling Neurological Disorders Using Stem Cell-based Approaches. His talk is titled “Axon Degeneration: Mechanistic Insights Yield New Therapeutic Strategies for Neurodegenerative Diseases” and will be at noon in Holden Auditorium.