Welcome to Designing Creativity: Innovation Across Disciplines

An Interdisciplinary 1st-Year Only Course for Fall 2023
Tuesdays & Thursdays: 1pm to 2:20pm

Robert Mark Morgan
Teaching Professor in Drama (Design)
email: rmorgan@wustl.edu

Bruce Lindsey
E. Desmond Lee Professor for Community Collaboration
email: blindsey@wustl.edu

Can you be creative?

“When you think about creative professions, painter and designer might come to mind, while engineer and network analyst might not. But -creativity is  actually inherent in nearly every type of problem solving.”

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Course Description

From “Ah-ha” epiphanies to slow-developing discoveries, the creative process has been employed by innovators and artists in virtually every corner of the globe for centuries. Designing Creativity is a course that will explore the study and practice of the creative process across many disciplines with input from prominent thinkers and practitioners in the areas of medicine, neuroscience, law, engineering, architecture, human-centered design, business, stage design, and the performing arts. The class will also incorporate practice of design thinking and creativity techniques in a LAB component that will allow students to explore the development of innovative ideas in collaborative teams followed by project presentations to core faculty and classmates.