DBBS Curriculum Pitch & Workshop

The DBBS Curriculum Task Force wants you to submit your best and most innovative ideas about graduate education to the 2018 DBBS Curriculum Pitch Competition! Abstracts and pitches may be submitted by individuals or teams. Contestants must be current DBBS students, faculty, or DBBS alumni with a current WashU affiliation (postdoc, staff, or faculty). We […]

Open Letter Regarding Proposed DBBS-Wide GR1 Course & Response

Dean Klein and the DBBS Curriculum Task Force, This letter is submitted by the undersigned DBBS graduate students in order to provide comments on the proposed new first year course for students in the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences (DBBS). We applaud the efforts to ensure all students are equipped with the necessary core […]

Changing the way we teach: classroom resources for faculty

By Lisa McLellan and Steve Mennerick There is an undeniable energy as you walk around WashU, being a part of a campus that is always on the cutting edge of scientific research. Just listening to a student’s work during a progress talk at a department seminar, it is obvious that the science and technology around […]

Task Force Recommends Core Competencies to Associate Dean

On May 29, 2018, the DBBS Curriculum Task Force delivered its first recommendation to Associate Dean Robyn Klein: a set of Core Competencies (skills, knowledge, and abilities) that all DBBS graduate students should master before receiving their Ph.D. Each competency is further defined by subcompetencies or skills needed for success. Students develop these competencies through […]

Students See Value in Modular Courses

By Diana Christian and Justin Miller We Want Modules! Over 90% of students expressed interest in module-based science courses in their first and second years. Graduate students are asked to balance a lot of competing educational demands. We are expected to build a broad base of knowledge to succeed in our labs and rotations, begin […]

The DBBS Curriculum (Re)Vision

By Dr. Robyn Klein, Vice Provost & Associate Dean for Graduate Education Since its creation, the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences (DBBS) at Washington University in St. Louis has been a leader in graduate education. Although the 21st century presents new challenges in Ph.D. training, I view these as new opportunities to innovate. With […]

DBBS To Lead Curriculum Workshop at AAMC GREAT Meeting in September, 2018

Based on work being conducted by the DBBS Curriculum Task Force, co-chairs Dr. Jessica Hutchins and Dr. Steve Mennerick have been selected to lead a workshop at the 2018 annual meeting of the Group on Research, Education, and Training (GREAT) convened by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). GREAT Group Professional Development Meeting September […]

Survey Data Shared with DBBS Programs & Student Affairs Committee (PSA)

This week Task Force co-chair Dr. Jessica Hutchins presented selected survey data to the DBBS Programs & Student Affairs Committee. Attendees included faculty Program Directors of DBBS graduate programs, DBBS administrative staff, and Associate Dean Dr. Robyn Klein. All surveys were conducted online via Qualtrics and distributed via email between September and November 2017. Questions […]

Website Launches!

We are hard at work to get the website up off the ground. We’re planning on creating it such that task force members can create blog-style posts to give constant updates on what we’re trying to accomplish, the current ideas we have, and all events for the members of the WashU community to provide feedback, […]

Data Collection on DBBS Curriculum is Underway

The DBBS Curriculum Task Force has launched surveys to collect input from Faculty, Students, Alumni, and Staff on their experience and expectations for graduate curriculum. These surveys will remain open through December 8, 2017. We invite you to respond by that date. Faculty Survey  Student Survey  Alumni Survey  Staff Survey We will disseminate survey data at upcoming town […]