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DBBS To Lead Curriculum Workshop at AAMC GREAT Meeting in September, 2018

Based on work being conducted by the DBBS Curriculum Task Force, co-chairs Dr. Jessica Hutchins and Dr. Steve Mennerick have been selected to lead a workshop at the 2018 annual meeting of the Group on Research, Education, and Training (GREAT) convened by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).

GREAT Group Professional Development Meeting
September 27 – 29, 2018
Grand Hyatt Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia


Workshop Title: Reviewing and reforming curriculum for a Ph. D. umbrella program in biology and biomedical sciences

In this session, attendees will learn about the first year of curriculum reform efforts in the Division of Biology & Biomedical Sciences (DBBS) at Washington University and will identify opportunities to undertake similar work at their institutions. The session will begin with a short presentation of work-to-date accomplished by the DBBS Curriculum Task Force, the reasons for its formation, and the present organization of DBBS and our 11 Ph. D. programs, including curricular requirements. We will describe the formation of our Task Force, its guiding principles, its mandate, and the work of our three subcommittees tasked with: 1) evaluating what we teach, 2) evaluating how we teach it, and 3) communicating our work to the community. We will describe information gathering techniques and outcomes, including data collected from GREAT Group member institutions. The presentation will end with our current status and plans. To engage attendees during the presentation, we will include structured polling of audience members about their experiences and opinions regarding the issues that our Task Force is confronting. Using our experience as a case study, the presentation will be followed by questions for small group discussion designed to 1) critique the process used at WU to catalyze change, 2) critique the planned curricular changes themselves, and 3) reflect on possible transferability of our work to other institutions. Re-congregation in the large group will allow sharing small group feedback and open-forum sharing of the experiences of the institutions represented in the audience.

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